Round 4 - Womens Reserves Cyclones vs Boambee Eagles

Northern Storm Logo Northern Storm Football Club Match Report
Northern Storm Team Womens Reserves Cyclones
Date & Venue 7/5 Boambee
Opposition Boambee Eagles
Coach / Manager Mike Lloyd
Player of the Match (optional) Charlotte Dodd
Score 5-2
Match Report:

A few more players on deck for this game, so we had a strong side ready to go.

We dominated the game from the start, and after some great lead up work Charlotte finished off a scrappy goal. Not long after Charlotte had another with a brilliant turn & long range shot. Up 2-0 and could have been 3-0 right on half time when the referee blew his whistle just as we scored from a free kick.

Unfortunately in the 2nd half we started slowly, and a couple of defensive errors let Boambee back into the game. 2-2 with 20 mins to go, so we rested a couple of players and made some important substitutions.

Jaqui Kambere came on for a short run and promptly began repeatedly running through the opposition. Jaqui finished with 3 goals giving us a strong 5-2 win.

A good all round effort with just a few lapses shows we are on the right track