Round 4 - Under 12 Hurricanes vs Woolgoolga Sharks

Northern Storm Logo Northern Storm Football Club Match Report
Northern Storm Team Under 12 Hurricanes
Date & Venue 7th May Woolgoolga
Opposition Woolgoolga Sharks
Coach / Manager Scott Murphy
Score 1 - 0
Match Report:

A tough match was in store for the trip to Woolgoolga against the higher ranked and as yet unbeaten Sharks. The match got underway and it quickly settled into an arm-wrestle, both sides trying to assert themselves over the other.

The Hurricanes were finding it hard to mount pressure in attack, but defending well whenever the Sharks started circling.

Midway through the first half, the deadlock was broken with Ryan Gregorovic sending the ball through the traffic jam of defenders, across the face of the diving keeper and hitting the back post and rebounding into the goal.

Half time came and went and the ground was warming up. The sun was full and the sea breeze unusually absent from the High Street grounds... and from here on, it was a matter of absorbing the pressure.

Even coach Murphy, silent and calm as always must have been feeling the tension. An accidental handball caused a few moments of nervousness, as did the cross-goal clearing out at the back, but all up, the backs had the measure of the Sharks attack.

The boys held on well and ground out a well deserved 1 - 0 win against a handy opposition that had the Hurricanes beat for size and speed, but the efforts and results go to show the difference a bit of heart can make. Great work team.

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