Round 3 - Womens Premier League Cyclones vs Woolgoolga Wildcats

Northern Storm Logo Northern Storm Football Club Match Report
Northern Storm Team Womens Premier League Cyclones
Date & Venue 30/4 Korora
Opposition Woolgoolga Wildcats
Coach / Manager Mike Lloyd
Player of the Match (optional) Tilly Lugg
Score 3-4
Match Report:

Due to a shortage of players , we only had 6 fresh starters for this game against a full strength Woolgoolga. 5 of our starting line up had already played at least half a game in Reserves, which was going to be a real test of our fitness. Our goalkeeper and both centre backs were out and both wingers were exhausted.

Despite these problems we started extremely well and easily had the better of the first 20 minutes. However we could not put away a few good chances and as often happens, the opposition struck first with a quality goal. Another goal just before half time saw us under the pump at 2-0 down.

We came out firing again in the 2nd half, and struck back to go to 2-1 after a great finish by Jaqui, set up by Kodie. Then Woopi snuck in a goal after a loose clearance in our box. 3-1 down with 20 to go and it was not looking good. To their credit the girls lifted and Kodie finished off another good move to get us to 2-3. Then with 10 to go an accidental handball in the box saw Woopi gifted a penalty. 2-4 and again we lifted, creating lots of chances, with Kodie finishing off another one to get us to 3-4. However it was all too late with only a couple of minutes left.

This was an excellent effort despite the score. We dominated the 2nd half and just need to get all players to training & games to be a real force this season.

Tilly Lugg again performed very well in the backs, while Aimee Longley controlled the midfield well.