Womens Reserve Grade - Round 11 vs South Services Sirens

Womens Reserves
Round 11
21/6 vs Souths Services
This was a must win game against the low placed Souths Services. We journeyed up to Grafton for the first time on a very hot day, and were without several regular players so we knew it would be a tough game. With 2 losses in a row we needed the win to stay in touch with the top 3 teams.
The game started fairly evenly, although we had a slight advantage with Charlotte & Finchy controlling the attack on the left side. Eventually the goal came with some good finishing from Charlotte to put away a loose ball. However, as has happened a bit lately we then let the opposition back in with scrappy clearances giving Souths Services their chance. 1-1 at half time.
As we were doing so well on the left we brought the left footed Liana out of goals and Pariss stepped in as keeper for the 2nd half. Unfortunately due to an unlucky spilled ball we let a 2nd goal in to really put the pressure on. Down 2-1 and needing the win we finally clicked into another gear. Liana scored a great individual goal almost immediately, beating 3 players, and then combined with Charlotte for another goal a few minutes later. Storm up 3-2, and to safely control the game we then rested a few of our very hard working midfielders and subbed on Sarah & Bronte from 1st division. The fresh legs did the trick with 2 more goals coming while those 2 were on the field.
We got back to our starting line up for the last 15 mins and put away 2 more goals from Liana & Finchy. Final result Storm up 7-2. Shows what we can do when we put our passes together! 
Excellent effort from Liana getting 4 goals, also Ella & Rachel who worked flat out in midfield. And Charlotte and Finchy combined really well with plenty of assists
Mike Lloyd