Under 9 Hurricanes Round 10 vs Orara Valley Joeys


 Whatever the kids had for breakfast this week should be mandatory for every week.  They started on fire.  One touch passing for setting up goals from the defence all the way through the midfield to the forwards.  It was a joy to watch.  The team did slow down a little bit before half time but they can all be very proud of their effort today.  They came out in the second half like they started the first half. I am pretty sure that I heard the coach say ‘well done’ many times for all the players during the game.  Maybe it was the fact the Manager Nathan filled in at training and gave the team confidence as he was a bit slower than most opposition and they easily avoided his tackles ... Well played to all involved. 

A special mention this week goes to Jydey for a brilliant goal keeping display, it was truly great and he is making a mark for his wish to be a permanent goal keeper.  Another special mention to Alec for his great defence and passing down the line. 

Coach Scott was very impressed with the performance and commented that the team is developing into a very good side, not only on the park but their sportsmanship is also something to be proud of.   

Thanks from the Hurricanes Match Reporter.