Mens Reserve Grade - Round 5 vs Coffs Tigers

'The Cove' was the venue for the Round 5 clash with Coffs Tigers which was being played with heavy hearts after the sad passing of Kodjo Adjassou. After a minutes silence was observed play was under way.
It didn’t take long before the Storm was putting pressure on the Tigers and after a pin point corner found the right boot of Brendon Myers the Storm was up 1-nil after 4 minutes. The Storm kept taking the game to the Tigers racking up the shots but it wasn’t till the 40th minute when Panyar Mangar found the back of the net to make it 2-0.
The score remained the same until half time but it really could have been anything with the shots on goal 14-4 in favour of the Storm.
The second half followed the same script as the first half with goals to Paul Malith in the 56th and 85th minutes and a goal to Enoc Marc in the 70th minute.
A solid 5-0 win to the boys and with a bit more work on finishing in front of goal we should see more goals flowing.
Man of the Match this week was Scott Tarlinton.
A big thank you to Jade Porter, Brendon Myers and Mark Ifrah for filling in and a big welcome back to BJ Wendt. Also thanks to Keiran Clerke and Col Scully for helping out in the absence of Matthew Bennet and Trevor Jones.
Mitchell Weeden
Assistant Coach