An Open Letter of Thanks - from one of the Storm's retiring great clubmen.

Hi all,
The time has come to say farewell to one of the great clubmen of the Northern Storm. Andrew Buss has coached girls and women's sides for 6 or 7 years making 2 grand finals, has been a committee member and regular O35s (and 2nd grade/3rd grade) player, a club sponsor and of course, an all round nice guy. Andrew has taken some time out from packing up the blongings and household in preparation for departure to drop a note of thanks into the club, which is included below.
Best wishes to you and your family Bussy!
Dear  Michael can you please circulate this as you see fit.

After much fanfare I have now played my last game for Northern Storm FC.  We are moving on to a new life in WA.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank everyone who I have played soccer with.  All the characters in the over 35's teams I have been associated with, the girls teams I have coached that gave me so much fun, frustrtion and satisfaction.  The parents and partners who support the club and players.  North coast Football for being the fulcrum.  The refs and officials who kept us under control.

A fond goodbye to the Barker family from Bellingen.  The games our respective girls teams played were the most enjoyable and I treasure them all, especially that grand final.

Michael Lloyd for his undending work and drive, all those who are on the commitee and help out.  The soccer widow wives.  The club just cannot run without you or your support.

Mostly I will miss that moment at the International Stadium, under lights, that heady fragrance of fresh cut grass and deep heat, the crisp air and that anticipation just before kick-off, surrounded by mates.

I thank you all for these moments.

Thank you Northern Storm Football Club.

Andrew M Buss ( Bussy)