Under 9 Hurricanes Round 6 vs Northern Storm Blizzards


This week was the clash of the Titans.  Both teams have been very good throughout the year and saw this game as being the real test.  The Hurricanes did not let us down, nor did the Blizzards.  From the start the game was so entertaining that no one wanted the game to end.  The Hurricanes came back into the match through some great open space play with brilliant passing.  There were some big hits in tackles from all the team.  It was so good to see great sportsmanship in the game, whenever a player was hurt the other players checked to see how they were from both teams.  The goals were all of high quality and I cannot think of any area the game could have improved. A special mention this week goes to Jydey for excellent skills and passing and Nick for great defence and tackling. 

A further big pat on the back to both Northern Storm teams for a great match.  I am not sure if a Hurricane storm is more scary or the Blizzard storm.  I now know one thing though, that all other teams are scared of both storm teams.  Well done guys and girls.

Coach Scott said this was the best performance of the team and he was very happy to see them play so well at a young age. 

Thanks from the Hurricanes Match Reporter.