Mens 1st Dvision - Round 6 vs Boambee Bombers

Round 6 Match report

Northern Storm V’s Boambee Bombers

This game was important for both teams and 3 points were the order for the day. For Storm it was to stay in touch with the pointy end, while for the Bombers it was to stay in touch with the competition.

First half – With warm conditions Jason Helier whistled game on and as discussed almost every week, holding defense, finding composure and settling in to the tempo of the game is SO important, but within 10 minutes it was Storm scratching their heads at 2-0 down??? To our credit, heads were still up and one could only feel this was going to be a match full of twists and turns….Yep!

After an abundance of possession and the sting subsiding from 2 heavy slaps in the face, JK (Jamie Kennedy) was found loose outside the 18 yard box, drew the defense leaving 2 hungry strikers ready to launch the start of our comeback. With great composure it was Gum Mayak who practiced a show and go on his fellow striker before slotting Storms first for the day.

With the game now in total control of the Storm another great ball from JK found the feet of a man possessed “Matty Latham” who was simply having a blinder. After already sending in 5 or more brilliant balls from corners and crosses it was only a matter of time before he would crack the shell and it was Brendon Myers this time who calmly evened the odds at 2-2 and momentum clearly on the storms shoulders. Jason sounds half time, oranges are on and so are the boy’s.

Half Time – After briefly touching on a poor start it was an easy decision to push it behind as our lesson seemed to be learnt?? Well one would only think. But from the body language and positive talk between the players, the Injured Keiran Clerke and suspended Dan Keam being my fill in assistants in the absence of M.R , we could only feel the same way. A strong start to the second half was requested to the players and it was now time to sink our teeth in.

Second Half – After starting the half in the same fashion we finished the first, it was a run against play app 10 mins in that saw “Brady Parker” miss hit a strike which unfortunately deflecting of Michael Turners Leg in an effort to block the shot, which wrong footed goal keeper Mitch Weeden and gave the lead back to the Bombers 3-2.

Still confident, the Storm once again stepped up to the plate and bounced back with a great run into the box from Dan Anyang, flicking a ball to the back post finding an outstretched “Grant Scully” to once again level the score and put Storm in the seat of momentum…One could only feel the next to score would now have a much greater advantage with the clock now signaling ¾ of the match was behind us.


A. Boambee Bombers

With app 11 mins remaining, and following a lapse of concentration and poor positional play which turned over much of the possession we once owned in what I could only put down to “panic play”. Soon our composure was quashed. In turn a free kick was given and for some reason Wade parker was found by an expected quality ball from his brother with next to no pressure to contest the ball. Isn’t he one of their more dangerous players?? Anyway, it was nodded in and now the Bombers hold a huge advantage 4-3.

What the?? - On the 84th minute I witnessed something not seen “Live” in my 37 years of breathing air and only a handful of times on TV!! Brady Parker hammered a ball from at least 65m out, all’s anyone could do is watch as Mitch moon walked towards his goal line – it couldn’t- it can’t possibly – it bloody did! Somehow it beat Mitch without hitting the bar and bounced into the top of the net handing the Bombers a 5-3 victory and a loss many of us will find hard to forget.

Lads, I need to ask you these questions,

1.      Where has our will to not get beaten gone?

2.      Why are we leaking so many goals?

3.      Do you want to win the clubs first title together?

4.      Do you want to do all this hard work and miss the top 4?...I don’t

Team –Just remember our team also consists of, wives, partners, friends, kids & die hard Stormers who believe in you as much as the coaching staff. Let’s dig deep and get that want back. We have all the ingredients, let’s balance the mixture!

Man of the Match – No brainer, Matty Latham!! Well done mate, that’s one of the best performances I’ve seen from Matty and was inspirational to all. Keep it up brother!!

A big thank you to Marual Mangar, Cameron Jones and Salvador Warmjara (the love muscle) on backing up for first grade, cheers lads.

Report by Jade Porter