Over 35s Round 1 vs Sawtell Spirit

Wednesday night was the first match of the season for the over 35s, and it was a corker. When the boys found out their first match of the season was against the Sawtell Spirit, O35s champions for who know how many years... well, I'd love to say they were brimming over with confidence, but that might not be 100% accurate. I was hard pressed finding a player that could remember a time when we had beaten them in the past.
Still, the boys went out hard, and maintained a disciplined structure. A well directed header from John Widowson early in the first half saw the storm up 1-0, and the boys started to believe they could do it.

Really solid defence in the backs gave Sawtell no opportunities from inside the box, but the Spirit have some top quality strikers, and even shots from outside the box are hard to stop. With several diving fingertip saves, goal keeper Adrian Keegan was the difference between the 2 sides, and unanimous man of the match keeping a clean sheet against some quality striking.

Nearing the end of what seemed like a very short second half, Andrew Plumb slotted a second Storm goal to sure up the win. Final result, 2-0 Storm. Go the mighty Storm!!

Match Report by Dan Leman.