Mens 1st Dvision - Round 2 vs Urunga (Catch-up game)


Senior Mens

Round 2 – against Urunga Raiders

First Grade – report by Colin Scully

This was our first night game of the season played at Urunga on Thursday 17th April being a catch up match due to wet weather in Round 2 of the competition.

Prior to the commencement of the match Jade Porter stressed the importance of playing in formation and trusting in your fellow player holding their position and letting them do their job on the field.

Storm started well and were rewarded with a goal in the 10th minute courtesy of Gum Mayak. However we let Urunga equalise in the 28th minute going into the break at 1 all. There was no doubt that Storm had the better half.

During the break again it was stated that we have to play in formation and play long balls down the flank – we needed to be in their half to play possession football.

Again we let the opposition score immediately from the start of the second half – last week Coffs scored in the 3rd minute, this week Urunga scored in the second half. We have to be ready lads for when they come out firing on all cylinders. Again this broke our hearts. Did we stick to our formation after that – NO. Did we play the long ball to the flanks – NO.  Instead, we tried to play through the middle of the park which was easy pickings for the opposition. A lack of movement from our lads “off the ball” was evident. Frustration set in, formation disappeared, we did not “man-mark” rather we gave tem too much space, we gave away far too many stupid free kicks and even a penalty was awarded to Urunga which was converted in the 25th minute. From that point the game was all over.

Two losses in a row - albeit against probably the two top teams at the moment in the competition.  9 goals conceded against Coffs and Urunga and only 1 goal scored against them – not good enough lads. On the ladder we have 3 points out of 9 – not good enough lads. Time for us to wake up.

Where is the UGENCY in our game, the WANT to win, the BELIEF that we can WIN. We have finished as Runners Up in this Premier League competition for the last 2 years so start having the confidence to succeed. We should be scaring the hell out of the opposition but what is happening is that we appear to be intimidated by them.

There is no game next weekend but we will work our backsides off at training and we will concentrate on regaining that Killer Edge that all Stormers know we have.

Northern Storm 1 Urunga 3

Man of the Match was Jarrad Swan.


Our next match is scheduled for Saturday, 3rd May - Storm play Maclean at Maclean Reserve Grade kicks off at 3pm and First Grade at 5pm


NOTE: Reserve Grade play Urunga at Urunga on Sunday 27th April – kick off 2pm