Mens 1st Division - Semi Final #2 vs Urunga Raiders

Second Semi Final – against Urunga 


Breaking News – Storm In the Grand Final for the second year in a row!!!!!!!!!

The second Semi Final played at the Cabbage Patch was full of intensity, suspense and was simply breathtaking.

Last week the coaching staff told the lads how important it was not to concede a goal as it would make it harder for Urunga to qualify for the grand final as “away” goals under the new semi finals format mean so much for teams. How true was that. Storm went into the second semi 2 goals up.

Last Tuesday and Thursday the coaching staff told the lads that we needed to score a goal at Urunga as Urunga would then have to score 4 goals to beat us and if we then drew with them we would win as we have the away goal. How true was that!!!!!!!!!

So the scene was set for battle. Widdow had got under the Raiders radar and strategically set up the huge Storm signs behind the goals so all could see. This upset the Raider’s players, supporters and in particular their coaching staff who complained to the ref and to the Storm coaching staff, that the signs were upsetting the Urunga players as they couldn’t see the goals clearly – their protests fell on deaf ears.

From the start of play, Urunga threw everything at Storm throughout the whole match - but not enough to knock out the Mighty Storm.

It was Urunga who scored the first goal in the 25th minute of the first half as Bruce Mackie (ref) awarded a penalty to Urunga so Storm went to the break 1 nil down. Some reassuring words from the coaching staff and the lads meant we had to knuckle down and toughen up.

However it was Urunga who scored again in the 23rd minute of the second half – hence the aggregate scores were level at 2 all. Both sides contested hard for the ball. Both sides had to step up. Both sides needed the next goal. Two minutes later it was the “thief” Jamie Kennedy who received a brilliant through ball and pushed it around the Urunga goalkeeper to score the important “AWAY” goal that Storm needed. Two minutes after that goal Urunga again rallied and scored their 3rd goal – another penalty was awarded by Bruce Mackie (ref) against Storm which was quickly taken. So in the space of 5 minutes – 3 goals were scored. Storm had to hold on for another 13 minutes. Both sides competed intensely for possession and both sides had many scoring chances. When the whistle sounded for full time (which seemed like forever) the aggregate scores from both semis were equal at 3-3 but Storm had scored the only “away” goal and rightfully WON the game and the opportunity to compete in the Grand Final – Again.

Lads, sincere congratulations!!!!!!!

To all the Storm supporters who made the journey to the Cabbage Patch we thank you for your support and we make no apology for the nail biting game that it was. This is what semi final football is all about.


Last year was the first time that a Storm first grade team had made it to the GF. As they say “you have to lose one to WIN one”.

Well lads, we have lost one – now it is time to WIN one – not just for yourselves but for every Storm supporter, player, coach, manager, past and present.

Believe in winning lads – let’s do it.

So bring on that other club and let’s place that GF trophy where it belongs – in the STORM cabinet.

The Premier League team would also like to congratulate the Over 35’s and Under 16 Girls who are also in their respective Grand Finals.

To all Storm supporters - lets get to all three Grand Finals – they all need your vocal support.

Man of the Match: There were so many outstanding achievements by so many players which made selecting the Man of the Match a very difficult decision. In fact, again there were three MEN of the Match were selected – Michael Turner, Jamie Kennedy and Mitch Weeden who was simply brilliant in goals.

First Grade – report by Colin Scully

Next Match:

Northern Storm Premier League in the Grand Final, again!!!!!!!!!!!

When – next Saturday evening, 7th September, at the Stadium – kick off time to be confirmed.

See you there.