Mens 1st Division - Semi Final #1 vs Urunga Raiders

The first Semi Final has now been completed resulting in a massive WIN to Storm. 

I say massive - not meaning that this was a high scoring game as Semi Finals never are – but more importantly that we did not concede a goal which makes it harder for Urunga to qualify for the grand final as “away” goals under the new semi finals format mean so much for teams.

It was very pleasing to see so many Storm supporters at The Cove which was once again displayed with the Storm banners courtesy of Widdow - and didn’t he put on a show with his drums bellowing out loud along with his wonderful vocal chords screaming out “come and get your sausages, steak, onion and gravy”. What other Club does this? What other Club has the AC DC Thunder Struck belting out loudly for all to know a Storm is brewing? What other Club has ball boys and 4 balls available – so Special Thanks to the ball boys who did a great job ensuring that the game was not held up due to balls not being available. What other Club has a mascot like Knox Porter who gets all his footy gear on in the change room with the lads and has had special approval by refs to allow him to partake in the game by being a real “benchie” and can suck away on lollies and have FUN?

Time to talk about the match.

Jade Porter made sure the semi was going to be played in the right spirit – pre match discussions took place with Urunga coaching staff and both captains also met with the Refs to state that the intention from both sides was to play good footy. Again this intention was displayed when both sides shook hands as they entered the arena.

This was a hard fought match with both sides having a number of chances to score in each half of the game. Both sides played semi final footy with many power “runs” and heavy but clean tackles.

The Storm coaching staff were very pleased with the intensity from our lads from the outset in the opening half and by half time the scores were locked at nil all.

During the half time break the coaching staff again stressed the importance of “playing our game” and ensuing that no one was going to take this match away from the Storm – this was our last match on our soil, The Cove, for the season.

As soon as the whistle blew for resumption of play, Storm struck hard. In the 3rd minute Jamie Kennedy scored and the lads lifted but it was not until the 36th minute that Storm could relax courtesy of a goal by impact player Daniel Keam who was handed a gift through some top lead up work and strike by Mark Ifrah.

Lads, we still have work to do as the job of reaching the grand final is not yet completed. We still need to ensure that we:
  • Do not let the opposition have too much room to move in open space; and
  • We must stop giving away possession – there are still too many unnecessary free kicks given to the opposition which show a lack of discipline.
Unfortunately, we received 3 unnecessary yellow cards and we must be mindful of this as we approach next week’s match.

The pressure is still on lads – we face Urunga at Urunga and we all know how good they can be on their home cabbage patch.

Let’s train well and ready ourselves for a top second semi- bring it on!!!!!!!!!!

Northern Storm 2 Urunga 0

There were so many outstanding achievements by so many players which made selecting the Man of the Match a very difficult decision. In fact there three MEN of the Match were selected – Michael Turner, Matt Latham and Jamie Kennedy – brilliant lads.

First Grade Report by Colin Scully

Our next match is the away second semi final which will be against Urunga at Urunga on Sunday 1st September (Father’s Day) – kick off time will be 2pm. Updates will be provided on the website as soon as NCF confirm venue, dates and times.

To our SUPPORTERS – please get to the cabbage patch – we need your help.