A message from the Supercoach...

Boy oh boy!!!

We would Just like to thank every supporter who helped us get through the most intense game I think we’ve ever faced. It is so tough playing at Urunga especially when the town was so alive due to “Toast Urunga” celebrations plus Urunga really are a great team. We were blown away with how many came down and how loud and passionate your support was (especially when JK –Jamie Kennedy wacked in the all-important away goal) and I can tell you, we needed every one of you to get us over the line. And get over the line is what we did and we’re all so proud of the Lads.

To make the GF 2 years running truly is an unbelievable achievement and we are so grateful for this opportunity. The Grand Final is never made by luck though, the boys have worked “So Hard “for this and Man oh Man…we want this one. This is for everyone who has been part of “Our Great club” and the boys will be throwing everything at it, and again will need “EVERYONE” to cheer them on Saturday  arvo. So tell your friends, bring your family, book your flights,  tell everyone to get your “White n Blue” on and lets bring home the big one together!!!!

But it’s not just us who needs you!!!! Congratulations to the O/35’s and the Mighty U/16 girls who both qualified for the Grand Final as well. The O/35’s kick off at 6pm Friday night and the U/16 girls Kick off Sunday at 1:30pm @ the International Stadium. Let’s all rally behind one another, finish this season with a bang and aim for 3 BIG WINS!!! You guys can be the difference.

In case you missed the game at Urunga or would like to relive the experience (in which our coaching staff all lost 5 years) check out our website www.northernstorm.com.au and click on news, Colin has written a great report , you can even browse over previous game reviews to catch up on our magic carpet ride which has landed us back at the International Stadium.  “It’s time Coffs United felt the brunt of the STORM” Yip Yah!

Thanks again!!!

Jade Porter  |  Sales Consultant with a football problem!!!