Mens Reserve Grade - Round 8 vs Sawtell Scorpions

Match Report Round 8

Men’s Reserve Grade
Northern Storm  VS Sawtell

This was a game our lads needed to win. And what a performance they put in today. The Korora Cove always brings out the best days of footy for the season and it didn’t disappoint today. We had a very good supporter base it’s great to see the crowds getting bigger each week. A fast and well executed first half by the storm seen our first goal scored by Paul Malith in the 18th minute with some great foot work. The Storm were all over Sawtell however in the 43rd minute Sawtell equalised with a good goal from Matt Whorlen making the score one all at half time.

The second half started just like the first with Korora playing very good. Midway through the second half we started to lose structure and Sawtell were coming back. The Storm back line was up to the challenge repelling Sawtell on numerous occasions well done boys. In the39th minute Savador Wamara scored a fantastic goal his excitement was something to see the shirt came off he was jumping for joy until he got a yellow card from the referee for removing his shirt. Don’t be disappointed Salvador it’s something you have learnt today.

Final score was 2 to 1 the Storm wining a close game. I believe Sawtell expected to win this game due to beating the storm twice in the pre season trial games however playing for points is what it’s all about and the Storm today were the better team well done boys. Our man of the match this week is Scott Tarlinton. Some info on Scotty he came to us from Orara this year not knowing any body and asked if he could play for the storm. We gladly took him in the team and he has made the Storm his home he comes to training all the time and puts a 100% effort in when playing Scotty is a real Storm trooper well done buddy. Have some people to thank this week Craig Caruana. For the great help setting up of the ground. Robyn Scully for helping my wife Wendy in the canteen great job ladies. Mitchel Weeden for his help every week. And the over 35 players for helping to pack up after the games. Who could forget Widdow . The bbq king the best cook in coffs.                                                     

Trevor Jones.