Mens 1st Dvision - Round 9 vs Westlawn Tigers


Senior Mens

Round 9 – against Westlawn

First Grade – report by Colin Scully

This game was a much better performance than the last few games lads. Not just because we won but more to the point, all players played as a team.

The ground was very slippery due to a sudden and large downpour during the Reserve Grade second half. Both teams had to adjust their style of play to contest the wet conditions. It must be said that there was far too much aggressive play from our opposition and we are lucky not to have had serious injury to some of our players. Well done lads for keeping your cool throughout the match.

There is no doubt that we play good football when we are “relaxed” ie we control the play, keep possession and pass the ball to the feet without “rushing”. Goals will come if we are patient.

There were some excellent passages of play. To see everyone supporting each other and not being selfish with the ball was so good. The set ups and then the layoffs to another player was a joy to watch.

Our discipline is improving. We must continue to remember that it is a waste of time making any comments let alone using any offensive word while on the field and in the technical area. Refs often hear things that haven’t even been said – just walk away and keep your cool lads.

The only goal of the match was scored by Jamie Kennedy in the 24th minute of the first half – the lead up work for this goal was brilliant. Throughout the entire match we created many scoring opportunities but just couldn’t land the ball in the back of the net – we hit the posts, almost knocked out the goalkeeper but that damn ball wouldn’t go in. Keep up the standard lads.

Special mention to Mitch Weeden who played two full games – Reserves and Firsts – Mitch you did well mate. How good is it to see the likes of Daniel Anyrjong, Dictor Dangrin and Enoch Marc step up from Reserves and play good footy. A welcome back to Brendon Myers who played a very solid game in Reserves and then to come on in the second half of Firsts to help create goal scoring opportunities was tops. How good to see Keiran play in Reserves and to finish without injury. I must also say thanks to Cameron Jones and Jordan Andrews who sat on the First Grade bench in the damn cold after playing in Reserves.

Let’s keep on track for the remainder of this round lads and most importantly let’s continue to enjoy playing good footy. The bus trip home was very entertaining I must say – lots of laughs – and that’s what we need to do more of – laughing and enjoying playing footy with your mates.

There were so many top performances but it was Dictor Dangrin who received our Man of the Match award.

Northern Storm 1 Westlawn 0