Men's 1st Division - Round 5 vs Urunga Raiders

What a tough torrid affair this game turned out to be.

Prior to the start the Storm coaching staff advised the squad that Urunga would try to antagonise our players in an effort to unsettle our players and have them retaliate and hence our players were told that they must simply walk away bearing in mind that the referee would punish any player who retaliated.

From the start it was obvious that Urunga had been set this mission – a number of Storm players were indeed targeted with aggressive tackles. Up front in the striker position it was Brendon Myers who was constantly hit and hit hard. To Brendon’s credit he kept his cool composure even though he spent a fair bit of time on the deck. Brendon was only one player who suffered very heavy hits from Urunga but as a result of our discipline it was clear that we were frustrating the Urunga side by playing equally tough football.

It was Urunga that scored first in the 32nd minute from a set free kick – Storm entered the change room at half time 1 goal behind and during that 10 minute interval the coaching staff and players realised that we getting on top irrespective of the score.

The second half commenced as tough as the first - 8 minutes in and Storm was given a free kick - it was Mykel Watson who stepped up and took the direct shot sending a screamer into the back of the net. The play intensified but it was Urunga who next scored in the 24th minute against the run of play and a player down as well. 4 minutes later Urunga were again desperate and again erred by taking a Storm player down in the penalty box – another Urunga player was sent from the field. Mykel Watson made no mistake and again the scores were level 2-2 and Storm knew they were on top. 3 minutes later in the 31st minute Grant Scully scored the winner.

Discipline was the key ingredient for this game together with the never say die attitude of the Storm players. Our defence is improving each week and we still need to move up and down the pitch in formation as there are still too many gaps but we will definitely get there. Urunga may find next week’s game difficult being without 2 players who will be suspended for the match.

Man of the match went to Mykel Watson.

- Report by Colin Scully

Reserve Grade

The Storm rolled in at The Cove with a convincing win of 6 to 1 over Urunga on Sunday the 12th of May. Match conditions were perfect for a Sunday afternoon at the footy. The game started with high intensity. Urunga played hard with a number of shots at goal which didn’t find the net. The Storm kept the pressure on and the first goal was scored 18 minutes into the first half by the number 12 for Storm, Cameron Jones. Urunga lifted immediately and in the 21st minute Urunga scored with a nice goal from the number 6 Aaron Wolfe. Shots were coming quick and fast and John Mangar number 9 for the Storm found the net in the 24th minute. Urunga were starting to tire due to only having 2 sub players on the bench. The Storm however kept the interchange going with fresh subs. Just before half time Enoch Marc number 19 for the Storm scored the goal of the match making it 3 to 1 at half time.

The half time break was certainly needed by Urunga. They came out and played hard again keeping the Storm scoreless until the 30th minute of the second half when Joseph Mayak number 5 put one past the Urunga keeper. Four minutes later John Mangar for the Storm found the net giving him 2 goals for the game and earning him the man of the match award. Just on full time Enoch Marc for the Storm with some great ball skills found the net giving him his second goal for the match. Well done Enoch a great game from you.

The Urunga team played hard right up to full time. Even though they were beaten today it was a great game from them. They are a good young side and will learn a lot from this game. The Storm are a red hot team and getting better every game. Our midfielders kept the ball forward all game, allowing our forwards to shine with 6 goals. Our defence is strong only letting 1 goal get past them. A great performance from our defensive line today. It takes every player in the team to win a game and today the Storm showed they are not a team of individuals they are a TEAM. Mates and players who just want to win for each other. Great game today Go the Storm Yip Yah.

- Report by Trevor Jones