Men's 1st Division - Round 3 vs Westlawn Tigers

This was our best performance this season. Not just because of the score. More to the point, all players played as a team.

There were some excellent passages of play as the ball was kept on the ground and precision like passing was the order of the day – it looked brilliant lads.

To see everyone supporting each other and not being selfish with the ball was so good. The set ups and then the layoffs to another player who was in a better scoring position was a joy to watch.

Most importantly our discipline is improving. As you should know by now, any form of arguing only hurts our squad and our performance suffers. Ignore what the opposition does to bait you, accept and walk away from referee decisions and never argue with players is the way to go.

Thank you lads for listening and doing what the coaching staff asked you to do – it makes everyone feel so much better. To make substitutions has to always be seen as doing the right thing by the squad. Daniel Keam and Matt Latham worked their backsides off on the flanks creating so much space for our strikers and midfield. What a pleasure it was to hear them say how good their subs were playing when the changes took place. This is true professionalism. To accept the change, to support their replacements and to have a grin from ear to ear at the end of the game is what this squad requires and demands. Many people don’t understand how much of a privilege it is to be selected to be in First Grade when there is so much raw talent in the squad. Irrespective whether you are on the bench and don’t get a start – you are there and you contribute to the squads successes or lows. Matt McAtear and Keiran Clerke didn’t get a start but hey they supported the lads and we thank you for your support – by the way, you both had solid games in Reserve Grade. And we thank Gael for being our reserve goal keeper. Gale may not get many chances to participate on match day but we always need to have a replacement on hand if Mitch is injured – thank you Gael.

Now to the game. We could have scored five goals in the opening 15 minutes. Yes we got 2. One in the 8th minute from Mark Ifrah (who technically got his hat-trick as he scored 2 in the previous game) and one from Grant Scully in the 14th minute who nearly took the goalkeepers head off. We let a soft goal in later in the first half to make it 2-1 at half time.

The second half we totally dominated with brilliant back up play. Goals were scored as follows:
  • Daniel Keam 10th min – how excited was Dan
  • Brendon Myers who came on as a sub 16 minutes into the second half and made such an impact scored a real hat-trick in the 31st, 35th and 37th minute – that’s right 3 goals in the space of 6 minutes – brilliant
  • Jamie Kennedy 40th min
  • As we know ALL Goals Scored are Storm Goals - you can only score goals if the lads behind are performing and supporting our strikers. Mitch Weeden saved 2 “for sure goals” and he said to me afterwards “that was rubbish, I saved 3 “for sure goals”. What can I say. Our defenders and midfield worked so well together and to see our backs overlapping on the flanks was first class. Special mention to our young guys who stepped up, Peter Malith and Dut Garang – well done lads.

    There were so many top performances but Man of the Match went to Grant Scully.

    Northern Storm 7 Westlawn 1

    PS. Our fitness is improving but let’s hope that missing a weekend’s match next week doesn’t hurt us – train well this week lads.

    - Report by Colin Scully

    Reserve Grade

    What a great game of football. The conditions for play were perfect and the field was in great shape and well prepared. Storm dominated the game from the start of play. It didn’t take long before the first goal was scored in the 6th minute by John Mangar. Westlawn were shaken but they did pick up the pace with a good defensive game in the first half, not letting gin any more goals until the 36th minute when a lack of concentration enabled Dut Garang to bang one in the back of the net.

    The second half started just like the first with Storm dominating. The Westlawn defence was squashed with a great defensive effort by Storm. It was pleasing to see Matt Tolland’s game improve after illness. It wasn’t until the 17th minute when Daniel Harris was unmarked and ran the ball from the wing to left of centre and finishing with a great strike, our 3rd goal. Not to be outdone, Player/Coach Keiran Clerke decided to put the game way out of reach for Westlawn with a power strike in the 39th minute making the score 4 nil.

    Overall a very dominating display from Storm with our centre midfield pairing of Jayden Kaychel and Enoch Marc keeping the ball flowing and moving forward. Special mention to Jordan Andrews for some great goal keeping. A solid performance from Noah Bedford and John Mangar saw them share the Man of the Match award.

    Westlawn have a bit of work to do but we know they will be a lot better next time we play them. Thanks for the game.

    Storm 4 Westlawn Nil

    - Report by Trevor Jones