Round 10 - Under 12 Hurricanes vs Woolgoolga Dolphins

Northern Storm Logo Northern Storm Football Club Match Report
Northern Storm Team Under 12 Hurricanes
Date & Venue 25th June - Woolgoolga
Opposition Woolgoolga Dolphins
Coach / Manager Scott Murphy
Score 5 - 2
Match Report:

The sun was out at Woolgoolga this morning, but it was a cruel trick being played by mother nature... as the wind cut through to the bones of the fools who left their jackets at home.

On the pitch, the Hurricanes might have been able to use that as an excuse for the poor form, but it was just as cold for the Dolphins, so the boys would have to look elsewhere to lay the blame for the early jitters.

By half time, the Hurricanes were down by 1, and lucky not to be more as they we unable to mount any real pressure on the Woopi goal, and the composed and confident play witnessed the week before was nowhere to be seen.

Coach felt the need for speed up front, and brought the keeper out of goals to fill the role. And did he what!

Early in the second half, Dylan connected with the ball from well outside the box and sent it straight into the back of the net. Not long after, a free kick was given on the far side of the field and Dylan stepped up again to send it over the wall and into the bottom corner, with a slight helping big toe from Sam Murphy, And then again Dylan found himself in space with an open goal and slotted it with class well beyond his experience level.

The team had risen as a whole and controlled the posession and the match from the beginning of the second half. A slight lapse let the Dolphins grab another, but the match was not in any danger of slipping away. Dylan took a spot kick to bring his total to 4 and Jyden was rewarded for his tireless efforts on the right flank with a goal.

An inspiring effort today from Dylan, but remember boys, nobody does it all on their own, and the finishing opportunities are a result of defending and winning the ball from the opposition anywhere on the park. Keep it up.


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