Round 2 - Under 12 Hurricanes vs Bellingen Bats

Northern Storm Logo Northern Storm Football Club Match Report
Northern Storm Team Under 12 Hurricanes
Date & Venue 9th April Korora
Opposition Bellingen Bats
Coach / Manager Scott Murphy
Score 2-2
Match Report:

Today marked a big occaision for the Hurricanes. The first use of the home dressing sheds at Korora! The boys were excited and took in the pre-match address from the coach with a real sense of occaision.

The match was sure to be a good one, with both teams coming off wins in the first round. Bellingen showed they have a good bunch of well drilled boys who held their position well and they had a great deal of speed about them as well.

But the boys from the Storm kept their heads and let the ball do the work to counteract the speed and size difference. 15 minutes into the match a fantastic shot from Jyden Pike across the front of the outstretched arms of the Bellingen keeper and into the far top corner of the net had the Storm in front 1 - nil.

Bellingen evened the score with a short while to go before half-time, and the boys knew they had a challenge to face.

Early into the second half, Bellingen scored another after some confusion at the back for the Storm (something for the coach to work on at training perhaps ??), and the boys were shocked back into action and they equalized almost immediately through a nice goal to Ryan Gregorovic.

From here on, both teams attacked and defended themselves to a standstill... the Storm were getting a few chances to pull the trigger, but with some much energy spent up and back on the field, there was precious little power getting behind the ball, and the Bellingen keeper had them covered. At the back, the Storm were turning away wave after wave of attack with some solid tackling and great scrambling where required. Speical mention here to Haraj Atwal for being in the right place at the right time to clear the ball out of our half when trouble was brewing.

A great effort overall against a strong opposition, well done boys.

Full set of photos from this weeks game are here: