Volunteers Wanted

Help wanted - We need volunteers!

Our club is entirely run by volunteers and we have a very limited budget.

As a result we rely on volunteers to get several jobs done which in turn help us earn valuable income. Unfortunately this too often falls on a small group of people.
In order to broaden the awareness of the help we need, and also to help cover costs, we have implemented a new system this season.

We are running two separate registration packages for each age group.

You can now choose to:
1. Pay the normal rego fee, and we will need you to help out in some capacity for at least 2 hours work during the season
2. Pay the higher “Opt Out” volunteer levy. You will not be required to volunteer, and the funds raised through the levy will be used to pay for people to work in some of the jobs we just can’t cover with volunteers

The main jobs that require volunteers are:

· Weekly raffles at Moonee Tavern (Wed & Fri nights 6pm-7:30pm). (There is a team roster for this on our website.)

· Canteen Duty at York St or Korora - each team will have 1 or 2 rosters per season for this, for around 4 hours

Please don’t be shy - put your hand up when your coach asks!

Upcoming Volunteering Opportunities!

Date Activity Duration Location
29-30 March        Line marking all our fields             4-5 hours                         York St