Under 9 2015 Round 1 - Northern Storm Tornadoes vs Orara Valley Dingoes

Grade Under 9s
Round 1
Date Sat 18 Apr
Location Upper Orara
Opponent Orara Valley Dingoes
Result Whos Counting!


A cracking start to season kicked off away to orara today with an eventful game that the tornadoes were both fortunate and unfortunate to come away with a draw.
A depleted squad wasn’t the most perfect way to start a season but the team persevered with a little help from Jack Taylor and Eddie Militas from the under 8’s who helped us out.
Tyler Scurr made his tornadoes debut and capped it with a solid performance.
In the first half the defence was run ragged by a strong orara frontline who raced into a 3 goal lead which may have been more had it not been for Heath "the Rock" Seccombe playing centre of defence ably aided by Flynn Tyas and Jack Taylor.
With the tornadoes backs to the wall, a fine mazy run and finish by Jospeh Lynch gave the tornadoes hope just before the half time whistle.
The tornadoes regrouped and led by Seccombe, Bunt and Scurr who shored up the back line and kept orara quiet for the second half.
Building that strength at the back enabled the now confident frontline to showcase their talent. Joseph Lynch, Flynn Tyas and Mark McCarthy began to show what they can do. Some strong tackling in midfield by Tyas began to upset the orara side, his ball winning skills which are second to none enabled him to release the speed and skill of Lynch and McCarthy who began the fight back. The promising interplay of these 3, built on the foundation of Seccombe, Bunt and Scurr led to a fine goal from Lynch and a left footed finish from McCarthy to take the game to 3-3.
The tornadoes tails were up and attacks plentiful but the Orara keeper stood defiant saving 4 excellent efforts from McCarthy, 2 fine saves from an on fire Lynch and a palm stinger from Tyas.
With 5 minutes to play a freak shot from left of field crept into the tornadoes bottom corner to give orara the lead.
The tides turned and orara were the dominant force but Bunt, with some great tackles, Scurr who put his body in the way of everything and Heath the "rock" kept them at bay.
With seconds to spare and shots from McCarthy and Lynch peppering the orara goal the ball dropped to Tyas who in the blink of an eye drove the ball home to tie the game.
It was a well earned draw that could have easily been a loss, but could also have been a 10-4 win had it not been for the orara keeper.
An unbeaten start with plenty of promise is enough to keep spirits up as we begin our journey. The tornadoes can be proud of what they did today.
Next up are the sawtell stars on May 2nd

Joseph Lynch 2
Mark McCarthy
Flynn Tyas