Mens Reserve Grade - 2015 - Round 1 vs Boambee Bombers

Grade Mens Reserve Grade
Round 1
Date 28/3/15
Location Korora Oval
Opponent Boambee Bombers
Result Northern Storm 1 - Boambee 1

The Korora Ground was an absolute picture. Many thanks to Kieran Clerke and the grounds crew for preparing an excellent playing surface. Great job by the new Canteen crew who underwent induction from Trevor prior to the match.

Reserve grade was a close match with both sides evenly matched. Unfortunately Enoc who transferred from Storm to Boambee the week prior, got a goal in the first half to put us behind but the storm came back and donimated the rest of the half without luck.

The second half was again donimated by storm and the equaliser came late from Brayden Girard who put away a nice shot from near the edge of the box into the right corner of the net. Storm continued to pressure and were unlucky not to finish off the job on at least 3 occasions including a missed penalty.

This was a great start to the year and I was very impressed with the attitude, teamwork and fitness which allowed the team to came over the top in the second half. Special mentions include the stability at the back with Scott Murphy and JP, Great ball control in the middle with Jono Chan and Daniel Anyrjong, 2 very good saves by Sage Midson in goals and some high quality crosses by Tony Ha out wide on the left. Honestly, there were too many good players to name just a few.

At the end of the day the points for Best and Fairest went to Daniel Anyrjong 1, Laat Marial at the back for 2 and Peter Mckenzie at left back for 3.

Through the week up to 8 players on the players list became unavailable for various reasons so this is a very encouraging start for a team that will only get stronger.

Tony Milner