Under 9 Hurricanes Round 18 vs Coffs United Pride


What a game to play for the last game of the year.  From start to finish the team were absolutely on fire.  Compared to the last couple of weeks it was definitely a different side and they put in one of the best performances of the year.  Some fantastic passing and tremendous defence.  Not one part of their game was lacking this week.  There were plenty of goals and Jaz scored her first goal ever after Coach declared it a goal by her and not off a defender.  After a review of the video recording it clearly shows Jaz put one away.   

A special mention this week goes to the Hurricane's fantastic Coach Scott and great Manager Nathan for all they do for the kids.  A further special mention goes to all the parents who get the kids to the games and training.  Well done……!!!!!!!!

Coach Scott was extremely happy with the performance and is looking forward to continuing on next year.

For the last time this year, thanks from the Hurricane's Match Reporter.