Mens 1st Dvision - Round 18 vs Westlawn Tigers

Round 18

Premier League

Northern Storm V Westlawn Tigers

Well this was the last round of the competition as we were unfortunate not to make the Semi- finals this year but the boys knew it was important to win this game for many reasons, and the first of many was we were at home at “The Cove”, there’s nothing like playing in your own back yard.

Dant Dant Dant Dant Dant Dant Dant Dant, Dant DanT DaNT DANT DANT DANT DANT DANT….”THUNDER!!!”  One of the best parts of the football week for myself is listening to that song, welcoming the boys onto the pitch with an eyeball and firm handshake as they digest their duties in single file, I can generally pick up on their vibe and today it was easy to predict what this outcome would be, rightly predicted!

I won’t go into the match in fine detail as it was witnessed or played by all and the truth is we were never in real trouble of losing this match. The Lads absolutely dominated possession and besides a laps of attention after Brendon sunk our first goal just after half time, the only real chance they had of scoring is still being collected from over the fence in Opal Cove somewhere. So to no real surprise Bruce sounded the whistle and pointed to the circle with the Mighty “Northern Storm” wining 3-1.

Two of the goals were awarded to “Brendo” who played 85 mins of reserve grade, and still had enough energy to turn our game around in 35 mins, it was great to watch. The other goal went to our work horse “Matty Latham” who enjoyed a deserving tap in, rewarding him for the ground he covered at a rate of 110% and ALWAYS!!! Well done mate! The scores not settled yet though, we left “Turns” out there and he was last seen this morning still trying to bag that last goal, so it could possibly be 4-1 by now.

Man of the Match – In a match up that could have gone to a number of players it was “Gum” who was awarded the “Baby Arm” for the last time this year and rightfully so, well done brother. Mykel Watson also enjoyed one of the cold beers. In the 4 years I have coached the boys Mykey hasn’t missed 1 game, not one and played 90 minutes in all of em! Now if that’s not commitment to your team and club what is? Awesome Bean

The other most enjoyable thing of the football week for all of us is singing that bloody song, how good is it when we jam that thing down properly!!! It has always been sung according to the fashion we played or importance of the game, some of them we’ve skipped through, some out of key and some spot on. Well this one was spot on, perfect timing perfect tempo and perfect passion, perfect end! Thanks for the Ice Bath Brendo

Lads, we gave it everything we could this year and with a full squad every week we could mix it with anyone. But in my belief this was why we couldn’t crack the top 4. Had we had a little more depth in committed 1st grade players I have no doubt we would have been fighting for the title again, but that’s footy hey.  Thank you guys for another enjoyable year and having Colin and myself share the sheds with you is something we’re both very proud of. You’re such a good bunch of blokes and we simply couldn’t do it with anyone else or any other team. We’ve had a ball!

A huge thank you goes to “OUR CLUB” and everyone who makes it run from the ground up. All the supporter’s, girlfriends, wives, kid’s, O/35’s on the hill,you name it. It really is an extended family and it takes the commitment of many hands to make it run well, so again thank you Michael & Craig and please extend this thank you to all. Tevor – Mate its blokes like yourself who clubs are richer for having. The work you and Wendy have put in is enormous, cheers guys. Widdow – Some of your best work yesterday mate, you even had the nerve to thank the Cow that was slaughtered and eaten on the day Bahahahahahah. I’ve heard it all…well I thought I had!! Tanya – fair dinkem funniest reaction call I’ve ever heard at any game, Enjoy your snag mate! Matty Bennett – Congratulations on getting the reserve grade through to the finals and thanks for putting your hand up this year, it’s great having you back at the club and inspirational to see you beat all those players and blast that goal in from 75 yards out. Best of luck to Resies & O/35’s in the semis!

Nathan Skinner –  You’ve done a great job leading your team out each week and your help and commitment over this period has been much appreciated, cheers Skin.

Colin – Legend! Not enough paper to extend

Yip Yah