Under 9 Hurricanes Round 15 vs Corindi Breakers


I am not sure what happened to the team this week but it was not one of their better performances.  They got off to a good start but it might have been the slope of the ground or just one of those weeks where nothing we tried worked for the team at all.  It should be noted that the players kept trying and things just didn’t go their way in the end.  One big positive was that they took the poor performance as it was and it hit home for all of them.  No one has seen them that quiet at half time and there was not a word at full time.  Bring on next week, plenty of room for improvement.
A special mention this week goes to Jazz and Breah for getting in and having a go.

Coach Scott left it to silence to say what needed to be said.

One good thing from the weekend other than the game was the Hurricane's team party where all the families got together and had the world’s best time.
Thanks from the Hurricanes Match Reporter.

PS A huge thank you to our hosts - it really was the world's best informal time!