Match Report Round 16 - Womens Reserves

Womens Reserves
Round 16
26/7 vs Orara
3 – 3 draw

This was a must win game for us to be guaranteed a place in the top 4. Against the low placed Orara side we were fairly confident and went in with an attacking line up.

The game started really well and we played with plenty of control and passing to dominate the first 20 minutes. Pretty soon we were up 2-0 with some good work up front from Aimee & Bronte. However, Orara came back strongly and were really contesting the ball in midfield, but we kept holding them at the back with good defence.
A goal to Orara from an excellent corner saw us 2-1 at half time, which was really not a reflection of the dominance we had in the game.

The 2nd half continued along the same lines, we actually slipped to 3-2 down after 2 more goals from corners. There was very little we could have done to stop these, and we stuck with our game plan to continually fire shots on the Orara goal. We really pushed forward in attack now with only 3 at the back and finally the equaliser came with 10 minutes to go. The shot count kept ticking up for us but we simply could not get the goal we needed and finished 3-3.   

This was a really good effort and on another day with some luck could easily have seen us win by several goals. 2 of the Orara corners were simply brilliant and extremely difficult to stop and they really did not threaten our goal except from the corner spot

Player of the match was Aimee, we will miss your experience and control up front, good luck in the USA!
Bronte, Shauna & Liana all had really good games as well

Mike Lloyd