Mens Reserve Grade - Round 4 vs Maclean

Northern Storm Vs Maclean Saturday 3/5/14

A very cold afternoon at Maclean for a 3pm kickoff. The Storm and Maclean played some very good football. Both teams positional play was good using their wingers to their advantage. The defensive line from both teams in the first half was exceptional with no goals being scored in the first half. However in the 3rd minute of the second half Cameron Jones saw the Maclean goal keeper too far forward and lobed a kick over his head to open up the scoring. Two minutes later the number 7 for Maclean evened up the score with a great goal. The game continued very evenly for the next 15 minutes before Paul Malith found the net putting the storm ahead. Maclean not to be beaten scored their second goal in the 35th minute of the second half making the score 2-2 at full time. I believe we should have won this game, some minor lapses in defence let Maclean back into the game. We need to learn when were in front to keep it and concentrate on winning. Our man of the match goes to David Poverello. Well done Dave and a great game. A special mention to Panya Manga for his first game with the Storm welcome aboard Panya. Also thanks to Craig Caruana for helping at training and Mitch Weeden for always being a helping backup.
Coach Matt Bennett
Manager Trevor Jones