Storm brewing for 2014

After two very successful seasons, Northern Storm are heading into 2014 seeking their first ever Men’s Premier League Grand Final win. For several seasons the club has been busy rebuilding, with the results starting to show.

After guiding the Men’s Premier League side to a Minor Premiership and consecutive grand finals, Coach Jade Porter is stepping down from the major role, but will still be on hand to assist for season 2014.

After several years at the helm, Porter has decided to spend some much needed time with his young family, but leaves the job with some great achievements under his belt. “It has been a great period for me and the boys. Making two grand finals is a fantastic effort, and with the playing and support staff we have I’ve got no doubt we can take it right to the top again in 2014”

Porter also noted the success of the club in many other areas “The Storm has a really good vibe at the moment and a lot of this is down to the support received from our over 35’s and committee. Making a grand final is always a team effort and I really have to thank everyone involved for their support over the years”

Club President Michael Lloyd had this to say about Porter and the club. “Jade and his staff have really put in a massive effort and we will miss his guidance. However, the Storm are looking to 2014 with great prospects. We have some real depth in the Men’s divisions with our Reserves, 3rd Division & Over 35’s, plus some good Juniors sides coming through. We are also looking to re-enter the Women’s Premier League in 2014, with the core of our Grand Final winning under 16 girls team returning”