Men's 1st Division - Round 7 vs Orara Valley Dingoes

This was the postponed match played on Wednesday evening 29th May at Orara.

I was unable to attend but was told that this was a very physical and emotional game played under trying conditions including fog which meant at times it was difficult to see the other side of the ground depending on which sideline you were on watching the game.

A total of 6 yellow cards were handed out by the referee – 3 to each side

A total of 11 goals scored – unbelievable – in this order:

First Half:
  • Storm – 3rd minute
  • Orara - 13th
  • Storm - 30th
  • Orara - 40th
Second Half:
  • Storm – 3rd minute
  • Storm - 13th
  • Storm - 22nd
  • Orara - 28th
  • Storm - 29th
  • Storm - 31st
  • Orara - 32nd

Brendon Myers and John Mangar both scored hat-tricks with Daniel Keam adding the extra.

Congratulations lads. Coach Porter said it was it was one of the best games he has watched in tough conditions and all players excelled.

Maclean on Sunday at home.

Northern Storm 7 Orara 4

Man of the Match went to Brendon Myers.

First Grade – report by Colin Scully

Reserve Grade

Round 7 was a catch up game due to washed out fields at Orara on Saturday 25th of May. Game was played at Orara on Wednesday 29th of May under lights at 6pm. Conditions on the ground were wet and very cold. The Storm started with some good football but started to lose their way with a lot of passes not finding the mark. Orara played hard and tough there attack was very good, however the Storms defence was up to the challenge keeping them scoreless until a controversial penalty in the 36th minute of the first half which allowed Steve Bradshaw for Orara to kick a goal right in front. The score at half time was 1-0 to Orara.

In the second half the Storm just weren’t on their game, they seemed to be rushing our slots at goal and there was a lot of ball that didn’t get to the forwards due to holding the ball for too long. Orara seemed to be everywhere, they where first to the ball on most occasions which frustrated the Storm. It wasn’t until the 26th minute in the second half when John Mangar for the Storm scored their first goal and only goal. The performance from both teams was tough, each team’s defence was terrific and Matthew McAtear was the Storms man of the match for organising our backline so good for the whole game.

On debut was James Mangar in the back line and he put in a great performance as well as Dictor Dangrin on the opposite side. The overall result was a 1-1 draw with each team scoring a goal. The Storm will need to take stock and think about the next game. Orara well done on the draw.

Trevor Jones